A loyal customer trusts your brand to deposit their money on a regular basis, does not think too much about the competition and recommends your products on social networks or to family members. The more you have, the better your company will do. Exploit communication via SMS In order to launch campaigns focus on loyalty or retention, it is vital that your customers read and understand your messages. Email is fine, but SMS takes this game to another level. Its 98% open rate makes any other way of contact fade into the background. Of course, not any type of communication is worth it.

It is vital that you personalize it

Doing so will allow you to strengthen a closer relationship with him and it will be easier for him to think of a differential treatment in his favor. An example: Winter sales! All our coats ruc by 20% Hello Carlos ! By Mozambique Email List trusting our company we have decid to offer you a 20% discount coupon in our entire catalog SMS Marketing to recover shopping carts If you have an online store with a shopping cart, you will know that many users abandon the cart before completing the purchase. Recovering them is important, as it will translate into a greater number of loyal customers. SMS are perfect for recovering abandon shopping carts following a quality strategy: 1.- Send a first SMS within 60 minutes: offer help with the purchase and clarify points such as shipping costs.

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Another message within a week

Indicates to the possible buyer that their cart will expire on a certain date. 3.- A third message shortly before a month: if necessary, offer an offer on the products in your cart a few days before it expires. SMS Marketing strategies are vital to grow well and fast. you can implement them. Advantages of recording calls in a Call Center Sep 14, 2022 | Call centers | 0 Comments “This call may be record.” How many times have you come across this message when you have tri to contact a customer service ? Recording calls in call centers is Singapore Lead becoming more and more common and, according to experts, something essential for its proper functioning. Today we touch on several of the key aspects of call recording , its legal aspects and the usefulness of doing so.

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