The segment of developing customers Set marketing first? For prospects prospects can be identifi users or. For example. A group of unidentifi visitors that you want to track and further develop towards conversion by acting in this way. It is possible to target marketing to certain segments and customer clusters bas on their behavior and […]
Quick wins are usually smaller and big wins are on the horizon. We help our customers to utilize the rfm model and apply it to various business activities. E.g. With the following technologies active campaign . Read also activecampaign 101 an overview of the pros and cons of the tool klaviyo salesmanago simon data salesforce […]
When the entirety of the measurement Marketing activities has been implement in accordance with the mrace® model . The purchase process must be taken into account holistically. When we set goals. It is good to clarify the perspective of business. Sales and marketing as well as digital channels. When planning the instrument cluster. It is […]
More versatile data. Such as various heatmaps and screen recordings. Provide valuable information about the behavior of potential customers in your online store. The metrics of the act phase are even the most important for the development of your online store if there are no metrics of the act phase and it is stat that […]
Those customers who buy from your online Goals to be in store often and with larger than average amounts are naturally more valuable to you in terms of lifetime value than one-time buyers who order with small amounts. In terms of the success of an online store. It is important to get customers who have […]
He return the next morning. This time it would be the same – we thought – so we weren’t that worri. We went upstairs to go to b and suddenly I heard the doorbell ring at my house. They knock loudly on the front door, my mother came into my room and told me that […]
Rather let’s talk about what we feel. For example: “when you shout that way I feel afraid”, “I don’t feel comfortable with the way you do that”, etc. Let’s take responsibility for our feelings, instead of attacking the other. Let’s not react to criticism If the other person criticizes, let’s keep calm. This sounds easier […]
For Stoner (1996, pp. 376-410), the difference between effective and ineffective communication may be due to the way in which the parties involv handle aspects relat to differences in perception, given that people perceive phenomena bas on of their knowlge and experiences. Human Beings Faith. On the other hand, emotional reactions such as anger, hate, […]
Who doesn’t have a pet they love so much? Who didn’t have a pet that they lov and that they now remember with nostalgia and great affection? Well, to tell the truth, until you have lov an animal, a part of your soul will still be asleep.In general, we can say that communication is That […]
 They di on the way to the second vet and our hope of being able to save them fad. The owner of the other pet, a neighbor of mine whom I had just met, was crying inconsolably. They had her for four years, she was a rescu dog from what she told me. “She didn’t […]
During the ss20 season . On the one hand. Therefore. It is important to invite the most follow influencers; on the other hand. You ne to consider which voices are most effective for your brand and. More importantly. For your target audience. Create a list. Considering the influencers and celebrities who have historically work best […]
traditional mia impact 81% of the mia impact value™ . In fact. Most of the placements (256 to be precise) are link to elodie’s total look . At the same time. However. The top post of the italian singer with 1.5 million followers shar one day before the start of the festival. Generates€134k of miv® […]

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