He return the next morning. This time it would be the same – we thought – so we weren’t that worri. We went upstairs to go to b and suddenly I heard the doorbell ring at my house. They knock loudly on the front door, my mother came into my room and told me that the neighbors had knock, that Joker had been poison. I got ready as quickly as I could to go meet my dog. He was lying down and several boys surround him, he was convulsing from the poison he had ingest and they were trying to save him.

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They gave him milk, made him swallow oil and tri by all means to revive him. I immiately call the vet, but she didn’t answer, it was almost midnight. We still put it in the b2b email list trunk of the car to transport it. At that moment, one of our neighbors said: “There is another one! He is having convulsions! Take them both!” I could not believe it. We load it up too and head to the nearest veterinarian. Even though the lights were on, they didn’t open it to us and we went looking for another one.

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 I identifi another nearby veterinarian on my cell phone and they happily answer me. It took us about seven minutes to get there. I told them that we were going with Singapore Lead two poison dogs and it was necessary for them to wait for us ready. A young man was waiting for us at the door when we arriv. They were taken down immiately but it was too late: both had di on the way. My dog ​​was lying motionless and the other dog’s reflexes were in the air and she gave the impression of still being alive.

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