This facilitates the technological advancement of call centers . Infrastructure savings: VoIP technology only requires a terminal with Internet and an application that facilitates its use. It is not necessary to have dozens of specific terminals, wiring and lines in a specific place. Cost savings: It is a technology that depends mainly on software , so it is more economical when it is establish on a large scale. Mobility: it is possible to use it from anywhere in the world, so it is possible to establish the location of the call center anywhere. It also facilitates teleworking.

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Computer you can enjoy a job. Send comment Your email address will not be publish. Mandatory fields are mark with * Contactability: meaning and examples Aug 31, 2022 | Telemarketing | 0 Comments If Australia B2B Contact List you are trying to carry out any telemarketing campaign, the concept of contactability is vital to you. You should take this into account in the final phase of the campaign, that is, when measuring the results. Improving contactability is essential to achieve success in a specific action. Knowing how to measure the results of a campaign is just as important as the actions taken to launch the campaign.

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Of how you are acting , if you have room for improvement or if you are doing everything perfectly. What is contactability and how is it measur? Contactability measures the number of successful Singapore Lead  contacts you ‘ve had in a campaign.  positive decision-making power over your call to action. It can be buying, contracting a service or filling out a form. If a contact is correct it means that it can or wants to carry out the action . To know the contactability of a campaign, a simple mathematical formula is us: Contactability = (correct contacts / register contacts) *100 There is no good and bad figure: it is necessary to measure several campaigns to be able to compare them and know how well or badly you have done.

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