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What will happen with the end of cookies Cookies are a fundamental part of the current mass advertising service provid on the Internet. Without them, the personalization of advertising will be questionable and it will be more difficult, if not impossible, to know the tastes of users . What Google intends is to use a less intrusive system that performs interest groups and does not detect the personaliz interests of each person . With this system the privacy of the users will be significantly improv. Do you use cookies correctly? At this time it is mandatory to indicate to the user that you are going to use cookies.

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It is also essential to offer the user the Belgium Business Email List possibility Belgium Business Email List of overthrowing some cookies and accepting others. To check if your website is under the regulations you can follow the following guide: 1- Open Google Chrome in incognito mode 2- Press F12 3- In the ‘Inspect’ window look for ‘Application’ 4- Then click on ‘Cookies’ 5- Open your web page In the window on the right side you must check if essential cookies appear before accepting them. If the answer is yes, it means that you are not making good use of them. Personaliz messages and SMS Marketing Jul 13, 2022 | Innovation , Telemarketing | 0 Comments Personaliz messages and SMS marketing According to Gartner.

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In personalization would sell 20% more than those that had not. Personaliz messages are the key to success for SMS Marketing campaigns . If you are running campaigns of this type, you ne to customize. This strategy is nothing more than segmenting according to tastes, hobbies, type of customer, age or product and showing relevant information depending on the filters, including Singapore Lead your promotional messages. to be able to do it easily in your database. Segment and personalize your messages Personalization is proven to help improve the success of an advertising campaign. Users want to receive useful information that connects with their nes, not general advertising that probably does not interest them.

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