The path to long-lasting transformation As we prepare for an exciting week of dialogue, debate and commitments during the Education Transformation Summit in New York, I am proud of the steps we have taken to support the authorities in reforming the. Similarly education sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to build a more inclusive, high-quality. […]
UNICEF, UNESCO and ILO provided , teachers with training on digital learning and teaching, while providing digital devices (laptops and assistive technology. to schools (% of the total number of schools). Towards shared educational commitmentsof synergy and. cooperation, the United Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina convened a series. Of three pre-Summit consultations under the leadership […]
As the Education Transformation Summit begins today at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, I am interested in reflecting. Similarly on the important progress that the United Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in support of national authorities, has made to promote a more equitable and inclusive education throughout the country. When I was. […]
And for children and adolescents, ensuring educational continuity, reducing the digital divide, socio-emotional care and psychosocial of educational communities, as well0. As comprehensive sexual education. . Discrimination, racism and xenophobia, the development and delivery. Of quality content for students. And teachers, social cohesion, the training of in-service teachers. And technical assistance. for the development of […]
System focuses its paths to confront the growing socioeconomic inequalities, achieve the educational inclusion of the most vulnerable populations, and which reflects, even before the pandemic, the low educational achievements, is evident. especially in primary education, which determine the trajectories and educational connection in secondary and higher education, and during the pandemic in access to […]

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