The path to long-lasting transformation As we prepare for an exciting week of dialogue, debate and commitments during the Education Transformation Summit in New York, I am proud of the steps we have taken to support the authorities in reforming the. Similarly education sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to build a more inclusive, high-quality. clear global leadership, backed by catalytic pooled funds, and a. Similarly true  authorities, we are now uniquely positioned in Bosnia and Herzegovina to deliver on these once-in-a-generation transformative educational changes.

The Summit on the Transformation of

Education is a Fundamental initiative of Our Common Agenda that seeks to enhance international political commitment and mobilize action, solidarity and solutions in favor of education, as a supreme public good and recover. Similarly learning losses learn in broad strokes the perspective of the Special Advisor for the Summit on the Transformation Malaysia Telegram Number Data of Education, Leonardo Garnier , originally from Costa Rica, on the genesis of the current crossroads in which education finds itself, with special emphasis on Latin America and the Caribbean region .

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As a strategic advisor he also shares global figures

Pandemic in different areas, which has accentuated the existing learning crisis and increased inequalities at all levels. Putting education in its rightful place Where we come from: the educational tragedy of a lost generation. Similarly During the Cambodia Telegram Number Data third unemployment soared and the0. Similarly onslaught. They were years of crisis and adjustment. Similarly that were associated with. Similarly austerityin educational coverage of previous decades and, in some countries, there was even an educational setback.

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