System focuses its paths to confront the growing socioeconomic inequalities, achieve the educational inclusion of the most vulnerable populations, and which reflects, even before the pandemic, the low educational achievements, is evident. especially in primary education, which determine the trajectories and educational connection in secondary and higher education, and during the pandemic in access to connectivity and devices. It is very important to retain adolescents in schools so that they complete secondary education. Today, half of adolescents leave the educational system before completing it. Faced with these enormous challenges, the United Nations System has taken a step forward and has assumed a responsible commitment to the country to support the search for solutions.

A group of school-age boys and girls sit

Text to each other in their classroom and raise their hands to participate in classes. Caption: Costa Rican boys and girls began the school year in person after the onset of COVID- The United Nations and its entities supported the Ministry of Public Education to achieve this. Photo:Ministry of Education of Costa Rica UN Cooperation: opportunities  and knowledge for integrated action Cooperation between agencies has been a fundamental exercise to Canada Telegram Number Data address the aforementioned challenges with a comprehensive and complex view. Thanks to interagency cooperation experiences we have been able, in addition to preventing the duplication of resources, to strengthen our learning and show the country’s key actors the need for the multidisciplinary approaches that we promote through the involvement of actors from different sectors related to specific tasks. of the agencies.

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These experiences are also allowing us to

Build a cooperation framework for the next four years with greater integration that more effectively and explicitly reflects the ONE UN” approach, promoting education from early childhood. Thus, the United Nations System in Costa Rica has collaborated closely with the Ministry of Public Education, the Care and Early Development Network and Australia Telegram Number Data other State entities to approaches of human rights, diversity, gender equality, sustainability, social justice, social inclusion; contemporary and transformative. A group of students sitting in front of computer screens in a classroom. Caption: One of the main challenges identified in Costa Rica is access to connectivity for students in rural areas and vulnerable populations.

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