Samoa’s progress towards achieving the SDGs will remain slow unless more sustainable sources of development finance for middle-income. Small Island Developing States become available. Redesigning social contracts and expanding access to adequately. funded quality education is a prerequisite for building long-term resilience in SIDS; and our UN team in Samoa is working hard to deliver. Written by Simona Marinescu, Ph.D. United Nations. Resident Coordinator for Samoa, Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau. Editorial support from the Development. Coordination Office (OCD). To learn more about the work being carried out in the region, .

Costa Rica, the United Nations and the

Summit on Transforming Education: An opportunity to reaffirm education as a fundamental global priorityCosta Rica has historically been a for educational development in the Latin American and Caribbean region, thanks to theĀ Vietnam WhatsApp Number List country’s. Long-standing social, political and economic commitment to guarantee the quality of the educational service, its access and exercise. The COVID- pandemic the. economic recession and the increase in inequality and social exclusion have put the achievements of the educational. System in Costa Rica, the region and the world at risk.

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In this context, the World Summit on

Transforming Education convened by the United Nations General Assembly in New York is an unprecedented opportunity to recover and mobilize trust and credibility in education systems, as well as to achieve and. Reaffirm commitments Sweden Phone Number List of world leaders to put education at the center again. Investing in reach and quality. The context of education in. Costa Rica of social mobility and the active participation of citizens towards the consolidation of a country that prioritizes the strengthening of democracy, inclusion, social justice, and gender equality. and sustainability.

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