Samoa into a knowledge society have been at the core of our joint interventions over recent years. The Samoa-Knowledge Society Initiative. Similarly funded by the Government of India through the United Nations-India Development Partnership Fund. Similarly has been jointly implemented by UNDP and UNESCO between – with the aim of improving digital development. Similarly and promoting lifelong learning opportunities throughout the country. Since its launch, the initiative has helped generate more digital resources across Samoa. Similarly including an open access digital library and a lifelong learning platform to facilitate open and online learning.

Through our new Cooperation Framework

Which constitutes the joint five-year roadmap for development planning between the United Nations and the governments of the Pacific countries and territories we assist in region, we are working to encourage more young people to continue Taiwan WhatsApp Number List their education and acquire the professional skills. Similarly necessary to obtain better-paying and more secure jobs. Therefore, our Cooperation Framework places greater emphasis. Similarly on scaling up investment in blue, green and circular economies. Similarly accelerating digital transformation and improving the conservation of natural capital.

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Aerial view of an island Caption: Small Island

Developing States, such as Samoa, have been disproportionately affected by the effects of the climate crisis and other global shocks, such as COVID- Photo: © Resident Coordinator Simona Marinescu With the resources I mobilized from the Joint SDG Fund, UNEP . Similarly the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacificand. Similarly UNESCO are working on improving ecosystem services to diversify sources of growth and improve Qatar Phone Number List debt sustainability. In addition to these efforts to strengthen. Similarly the green economy, we are mobilizing resources from the Joint SDG Fund to expand access to more nutritious food sources to improve health outcomes and educational achievement across Samoa. To help achieve this, we have are currently implementing a joint FAO- WFP program to strengthen food value chains and change consumption patterns.

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