smartphone device , or when you browse the internet or social media, you will often be presented with several advertisements. The advertisements that appear are also the result of ML processing which will provide advertisements according to your personality. In fact, there are still many examples of the application of machine learning that you often […]
Faithfully transporting passengers and goods. “The difference is, if you’re a driver, you’re tired… You’re not strong enough. Not to mention the increasing number of fleets. Income has decreased,” he admitted. Once again he did not get tired of changing Windows to Linux you will feel professions. Again. Learning in Dicoding: A Turning Point Back […]
Feature in photos, it will learn to recognize your facial patterns based on the signs you enter when posting a photo. From the people you tag in the photo, ML will use this information as a medium for learning. So it is not surprising that if machine learning is often used, the level of accuracy […]
Of course you will identify which films are similar. In this case, for example, you identify based on the film genre. For example, if you have the film The Conjuring, then you will save the film The Conjuring in the horror film category. How Machine Learning Works Machine Learning vs HumanDeep . Blue has also […]
Why Because machine learning is a machine that can learn like humans. Back to artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence in its application is broadly divided into seven.  Branches, namely machine learning , natural language processing . Expert systems , vision , speech , planning and robotics . This branching of artificial intelligence is intended to narrow […]
Elementary OS Elementary OS Previously there was a Zorin OS distro which looked similar to Windows, while this Linux distro looks similar to Mac OS. If you want to experience the sensation of an elegant appearance like Mac OS, then you can try this Elementary OS Linux distro. Elementary OS is also friendly for new […]
And simple user interface , Linux Mint also has quite smooth transition effects .apart from because of Arch Linux on which it is based. Manjaro also has conveniences such as simple use, simple, elegant and still powerful . The interesting thing about the Manjaro Linux distro is that The Linux Mint distro has various desktop […]
If you suspect that your e-sales platform has been attacked by viruses, you cannot ignore this signal. By seeking expert support, you certainly make your task easier. However, we assure you that after reading the mini-guide we have prepared, you will try to deal with any difficulties on your own. We have developed a set […]
Valuable content is not everything. To provide a great user experience, your website should be intuitive and have a good navigation system. Thanks to this, you will minimize the bounce rate and extend the user’s stay on the website, which will show Google that it is worth placing it in the top positions of the […]
You already know that using keyword stuffing in the content you create will not achieve your intended goal. So how to proceed to be on the top list in search engine rankings and thus meet the needs of all Internet users? We recommend using a set of semantic key phrases, related expressions. A good copywriter […]
What too much is not healthy. This saying is also present in the SEO world , where pages with valuable content and appropriate keyword saturation are at the very top of the hierarchy. In the past, robots’ thinking about a website was slightly different from current standards. The more phrases included in the text, the […]
Knowing what Cloudflare is , knowing the basic functions of this service and knowing how it affects the SEO of a website, you can proceed to its configuration. How to do it? Here are simple instructions: After creating your free account on the Cloudflare website, connect your domain to it.Select one of the proposed service […]

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