If you suspect that your e-sales platform has been attacked by viruses, you cannot ignore this signal. By seeking expert support, you certainly make your task easier. However, we assure you that after reading the mini-guide we have prepared, you will try to deal with any difficulties on your own.

We have developed a set of valuable tips on how to scan a website . Viruses have a lot of scope because they can cause incorrect redirections, delete files that determine the site’s rank in the SERP results, or delete PHP files, without which the proper functioning of the site will not be affected.

Why was your site infected

Learn a bit more about the origins of viruses and how to properly remove them from your website.

If this isn’t possible, we lose a lot of context. So if we only see these Ws Data URLs in the sitemap file, we don’t really know how they are related to each other and it’s really hard to understand how relevant the content is in the context of your site.”

As these comments show, taking into account the hierarchical structure of your site helps Google better understand your content and helps users navigate your site more efficiently.

URL structure
This element should include a page hierarchy. Building your URL structure won’t be a problem if you already have the right website structure. However, pay attention to the final part of the link and make sure it is readable.

Damage You Can Expect Although the

This will streamline the indexing process and improve your position in the SERP.

Internal linking
Internal linking strategy is one of the most important elements DZB Dircetory of website optimization. The network of links not only improves the comfort of using a website, but also helps transfer the value of content from one website to another, which has a positive effect on its image in the eyes of Google.

W3C validation
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) validation is the process of checking the compliance of a website’s HTML and XHTML documents with appropriately developed markup. This element guarantees the correct operation of the website in all search engines.

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