Based on the entered amounts, you can calculate the net hourly rate. You can immediately see the difference between the hourly rate, which will cover only your costs (household and running a business), and the rate, which will allow you to put aside the indicated amount monthly.

Thanks to these calculations, you can build a reference point against which you will compare specific job offers. If you have taken the “full-time + activity” path, you can check how much you need to value your after-hours work to achieve your goal.

Remember that these calculations are only a basis. You must also remember about competition or productivity. If you calculate the rate per hour and it takes you less to complete the work – the net rate from the calculator may be, for example, the minimum order value.

When making your own calculations, also think about the salary cap and the time spent working. I understand that everyone would like to rom  Whatsapp Mobile Number List accearn as much as possible, but remember that time is not made of rubber. When your calendar is filled to the brim, your first thought may be to work longer hours. Instead, at this point, it is worth thinking about raising the price / hiring an additional person and leaving yourself time to enjoy life.

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Microsoft Excel hourly rate calculator

Know of other ways to set your own hourly rate? Be sure to let us know in the comments and share with others.

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