Enabling Google Safe Search. Is Quite Easy and Should Not Cause. Any Problems, Even for People. Who Do Not Specialize in Internet Activities. You can just as easily turn off Safe Search.

To install the filter, sign in to your Google account and go to the Search Settings section . Then, in the Safe Search filters tab , select the Enable Safe Search filter option and save the changes.

To Protect Other Users. Of Your Google Account, It’s a Good Idea to Set Up Safe Search. On All Devices Connected to Your Account. It is Important to Remember. That Turning on Parental Protection Does Not Guarantee. Search Results Free of Vulgar or Pornographic Content.

Safe Search what is it How do I enable Safe Search

The Google Safe Search system installed in this way filters sexual and offensive results, regardless of whether they are texts, videos or photos.

Parents should especially think about implementing this protection, because it is unsuspecting Whatsapp Database children who are most exposed to this type of publications on the Internet.

However, it should be remembered that Safe Search filtering does not guarantee 100% protection against access to content for adults. Even though this function is turned on, it is worth constantly monitoring what websites your child uses on the Internet. Moreover, if you use multiple browsers, it is necessary to enable the filter on each of them.

To Install the Filter Sign in to Your Google Account and Go

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It is also worth mentioning that activating YouTube Safety Mode allows you to filter content search results, e.g. in the Chrome browser using the system described above.

Many Internet users wonder what the filter discussed here is. Well, it is an integral DZB Dircetory element of the Google search engine security system.

Safe Search is an automated filter that blocks the display of inappropriate search results. Adult content presented to users who are under eighteen years of age is then blocked.

The function is offered in the Google search engine, and its activation is recommended not only in households, but also in schools, universities, public places and companies.

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