Add your website, if you have one, and the URL of your page to make an appointment or contact you. If you don’t have one, you can include a link to one of your main social networks. Short Name : To make it easier for your customers to find your business to leave a review, you can give your profile a short name of up to 32 characters. Your tab will be at short-name Business location: If you have a physical business, make sure that the information you enter when you creat your listing is correct, or it it if you are going to make a change of location.

You can add more than one location

If it is the case of your business, through the “Manage locations” option. Service areas: Add the areas in which you provide service. You can add localities, autonomous communities or countries. Business Colombia WhatsApp Number List hours: It is important that, whether you have a physical business or if you offer a service, add your business hours, the one in which they can go to your store or in which they can contact you during your working hours. Holiday hours: If there are holidays on which you are not going to work. It is interesting that you add them to keep your potential clients inform. Google Business Profile suggests national holidays for you to add if you’re going to be clos or the hours your store will be open.

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Add another schule

Here you can add access hours, lunch, brunch, dinner, cooking, breakfast, home delivery. Happy hour, hours for seniors, takeaway, pick-up. Window service or online services. If any apply, add it. More. by the company, help in an emergency situation, clientele, service options or planning. Review this section and add what corresponds to your business. Now we have already Singapore Lead fill in and optimiz all the options that they give us in the “it profile” option, but there are others that you should take into account. Services: From the “it services” option, you can add a list of your services. If you click, a new screen will open in which it will show you a form to add the section of the service, the name of the service, its price and its description.

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