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You will ne to enter your Gmail email and password to start creating your record (or create it if you don’t already have an email with Google’s email service). Once you have identifi yourself, it will ask you to enter the name of your company to verify if it already has a Google record or if you must create a new one. If your business is not on Google, it will ask you to indicate its location (if you do not have a physical location, you can add the area in which you provide services and add the category of your business . You must choose the main category of your business well.

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One is the most suitable for your brand, although later you can it it or add more categories. Finally, you must enter your company data and verify it by letter or by phone (they will provide you with a verification code that you China WhatsApp Number List must enter into the tool to verify that the business belongs to you). How to optimize your Google Business Profile tab? Once your Google Business Profile file has been creat and verifi, the information in your file must be optimiz so that the user who finds it has all the necessary information to become your client. To do this, write the name of your brand in Google and you will see that, if you have your Google profile open.

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You will see different options

To work on your Google Business Profile tab. Select the first option “it profile” and we will add or it the information by sections: Company name: Enter the name of your business as it is, forget about entering keywords that you are interest in positioning if your name does not have it because they can penalize you. Business category: This is where you can it  or add more categories Singapore Lead that define your business. Company Description: You have 750 characters to talk about your company and convince potential customers that you have what they are looking for. Don’t waste them. Opening date: To indicate when your business start. Telephone number: So that they can contact your business, you can add a contact telephone number.

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