Founder of Mladý 5 days ago Twitter Share Pocket VIDEOLIFE In my interviews, I address not only areas such as company management, setting up processes, marketing, expansion and others, but also more personal topics . You will find interviews with me on how to be happy while building a business, how to manage family, hobbies, health, be mentally well, and how to not only be a machine at work, but also a person. Advertising Some interviews I focus purely on men, others on women. This one is especially for our female listeners. The invitation was accepted by Lucie Harnošová, who helps women find self-love, build self-confidence and find more happiness in life.

But she doesn’t do it just like that

She also draws on her own experience in Armenia WhatsApp Number List business, debts of several million, which she had to get out of, and practice with clients. The article is for subscribers Socionics: How to use it for better functioning of your company? | Martin Másilko & Jiří Peslar Take it with you. as a podcast: Spotify iTunes Google Podcasts MP3 WE RECOMMEND Premium chats exclusive to subscribers Hear 163 interviews with exclusive guests. Even more in-depth and full know-how for your business.  jiri sprouts Jiří Rostecký founder of Mladý6 days ago Twitter Share Pocket Socionics is the name for a theory about human behavior and relationships that focuses on characterizing personality types and their interactions.

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This is why it can be very useful

For entrepreneurs, managers and their teams. Advertising The theory is based on the ideas of psychoanalyst Carl Jung and aims to help people better understand themselves and other people. In a singapore lead business environment, it can contribute to better team management and higher company efficiency. How does it work in practice and how to specifically use it in the team? I was talking about this with two guests. Martin Másilko is a lecturer and consultant who has been training socionics for the 15th year, and Jiří Peslar is a specialist in financial consulting and insurance who leads a team of specialists at Allrisk and actively works with socionics.

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