Backlinks help in increasing the visibility of your website in search results. Monitor the results. Monitoring your positioning results is crucial to. Be able to adjust your positioning strategy depending on the results. Search engine optimization in Radzymin can be an effective way to increase website traffic. In order to effectively use website positioning, you […]
Our services include Content Optimization, Code Optimization. URL Optimization, Image Optimization, Keyword Optimization, Link Optimization. Mobile Site Optimization, Local Site Optimization, Social Site Optimization. Video Site Optimization, Blogging Site Optimization, Shopping Site Optimization, advice. Optimizing review sites, optimizing review sites, optimizing product catalog sites, optimizing price comparison sites, optimizing discussion forum sites, optimizing chat sites, […]
A backlink analysis can also take the strategy to another level . If you find a dead link, there are likely other sites that link to the same source. If you have a potential replacement on your site, there are a number of possible backlinks in one fell swoop. As time-consuming as it may be […]
An approach that primarily aims at branding. Someone mentions your name or website online? Then you should understandably be interest in turning this mention into a link. Various setting options enable almost tailor-made results, which can either be deliver by e-mail or call up as an RSS fe. A friendly e-mail to the respective webmaster […]
You also have to be convincing, but first and foremost this applies to the article itself. 4. Reverse smart guest posting As with traditional guest posting, the basic idea is to trade content for publicity . However, it’s all about finding bloggers to write as guest contributors for your site. Almost of course, the approach […]
Alternatively, freelancer platforms offer the opportunity to get professional infographics for relatively little money. The focus should ideally be on topics that are not yet sufficiently cover. In addition, it is important to dose the information density and to rely on an intuitive layout and clear design. The infographic should be appealing both in terms […]
Thomas Pleil provides an interesting approach to a very personal digital detox . For him, the smartwatch in combination with classic mailing is the solution to avoid suffocating in the data jungle. At the moment, however, the loudest ones still get the most attention. The network therefore feels like a school class out of control. […]
And how do you get those backlinks? In my post, I will introduce you to ten link building strategies that are classifi as “clean” by Google and will bring your pages and content to the fore. Between relevance and semantics Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird have chang the web landscape forever. With continuous updates, Google has […]
False doctorates in politicians What do all these scandals have in common? Public trust has been abus. Which strategies in a crisis do not work at all? Do nothing and wait deny and lie Cover up and conceal Delete comments or content Here’s an example of how it’s done correctly: Personally, I don’t like the […]
We cannot consume even a fraction of it. What at first glance seems like an enriching diversity is in fact a massive problem . Because not all content is really valuable. Or to put it bluntly: a lot of it is crap and distracts us. By keeping our eyes on demanding headlines, for example. Or […]
Because that too is primarily a business. In the meantime , camps bas on the US model have also develop in Germany , which offer a kind of digital retreat . The whole structure is reminiscent of upscale hiking days. Laptop, smartphone, even the iPod stay at home. Communication rules are establish, speaking bans are […]
Measure the success of your activities like a controller: Keep an eye on key figures such as newsletter subscribers, downloads or the number of new leads. They give you information about whether your content also contributes to the business goals and which corners you may ne to work on. Of course, this is easiest if […]

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