A backlink analysis can also take the strategy to another level . If you find a dead link, there are likely other sites that link to the same source. If you have a potential replacement on your site, there are a number of possible backlinks in one fell swoop. As time-consuming as it may be to track down dead links, the potential that lies dormant is enormous. 8. Influencer Marketing In every niche there are mouthpieces that represent a group of people as an opinion-forming element. Finding these influencers and getting them to share your content is one of the most underrat SEO techniques.

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PR and SEO, it is important not only to generate potential traffic, but also to increase reach . If influencers discover your content, they can provoke impulses through your presence and thus increase shares and Phone Number List retweets . Ideally, your content will even be mention in the form of a link on blogs by these key people. Once you have creat a suitable influencer profile, you have to find the right influencer . The Twitter search or tools such as Klout or Followerwonk can be us to search for opinion leaders or relevant hashtags. However, especially at the beginning it is advisable to think in smaller spheres and not to aim directly at the top of the influencer pyramid.

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Build trust and cribility and develop a certain bond. sharing your content – ​​provid it is engaging and representative content. More than 90 percent of customers trust influencers’ opinions and recommendations more than content that comes directly from the brand. And that’s exactly why you should have influencer marketing on your screen. This step-by-step guide to Singapore Lead influencer marketing, including 9 expert opinions, shows you how to find influencers, contact them and build a relationship with them. 9. Internal Linking One of the most misunderstood elements of on-page optimization is internal linking.

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