One thing is clear: Twitter has a firm place in the social mia strategy of many companies and is actively us for content marketing in many places. Should the short message service fail, however, this will have a greater impact in some latitudes than here in Germany. Because in the home country of the company Twitter, the three social mia platforms are also very strongly integrat into the mia landscape. Stock market news is broadcast on TV in real time via Twitter and TV programs are link directly to Twitter. Keywords for this are social TV or second screen.

If Twitter were to fail

The infrastructure that had been built would collapse at the same moment and social relationships would break off (temporarily), making it more difficult to address people more specifically via social ads. and dialogue UK Phone Number List channel would be lost for journalists, so that their own work would be delay. For the PR work of companies, the effort to keep in touch increases. Thus, Twitter also serves as a hub, i.e. as an additional “distribution list” for communication with the press.However, I am of the opinion that turning away from Twitter is currently too early, because there is a silver lining on the horizon for Twitter. This is also support by the company’s broad positioning with its three social mia platforms.

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But I also don’t want to hide

The fact that there are increasing signs for me that Twitter could lose the race in social mia. The second row with WhatsApp and Snapchat has enormous potential and has. User numbers that Twitter Singapore Lead can only “dream about at night under the covers. Although Twitter has exist on the social web for some time. Younger people are comfortable on Snapchat and chatting on WhatsApp. Then why do you still ne Facebook, Twitter & Co.? Here, however, the company Twitter still has an ace up its sleeve, because the short message service Twitter acts as a hub . Snapchat does not have this. Likewise, no one can currently say how long young users will feel comfortable on Snapchat.

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