You also have to be convincing, but first and foremost this applies to the article itself. 4. Reverse smart guest posting As with traditional guest posting, the basic idea is to trade content for publicity . However, it’s all about finding bloggers to write as guest contributors for your site. Almost of course, the approach is completely different. Getting someone to write for another website takes a certain commitment. Or an extraordinary add value for the respective author, such as an active readership or fabulous social metrics. Here, too , potential writers can be found via Google,.

Twitter or tools such as Followerwonk

However, it is even better to use existing blogger relationships . You know and appreciate each other, and both sides may be able to gauge how fruitful such cooperation can be. Depending on how satisfying Vietnam Phone Number List the collaboration is, you will not only get a well-found article, but you may even get social signals and traffic if the guest author shares the article through their channels. Ideally, you might even make it into the blogger’s guest article portfolio – link includ. 5. Reverse image search Incidentally, another way of converting visual content into links is the so-call reverse image search.

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This can be done relatively easily

With Google tools or tools like TinEye .  that are (unknowingly) using your photos or infographics . If these were previously publish without citing a source and – more importantly – without a link, a friendly email to the respective webmaster can work wonders. It is advisable to initially argue with restraint and without making assumptions. Not only does this increase Singapore Lead the likelihood of a response, but it is also more likely to produce the desir result: a link to your site. 6. Google Alerts Another Google tool that can prove extremely useful for gaining backlinks: With Google Alerts you can set up an unlimit number of “alert messages” and thus track the mentioning of certain words on the Internet.

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