Thomas Pleil provides an interesting approach to a very personal digital detox . For him, the smartwatch in combination with classic mailing is the solution to avoid suffocating in the data jungle. At the moment, however, the loudest ones still get the most attention. The network therefore feels like a school class out of control. Everyone shouts and in the end no one understands anyone. So it’s good to turn off the sound of the screamers. Conclusion Attention is the currency of the web. And this currency threatens to lose more and more value. Digital detox should therefore take place on two levels: on the one hand on the personal.

Through critical examination

One’s own usage behavior, and on the other hand by supporting valuable content – be it in the form of recommendations or comments. Such a holistic approach would actually lead to a detoxification and decluttering of the Ukraine Phone Number List digital life of all users. Ten highly effective link building strategies – SEO according to Google guidelines Ever since there have been search engines, backlinks have been an elementary ranking factor. While the focus at the beginning was primarily on the quantity of incoming links, today the focus is increasingly on the quality of the links.

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For years the search engine giant

Google has been trying to gradually optimize its offering with a multitude of complex algorithms and sophisticat anti-spam technologies. But what makes a “good” link? W You should be interest in the fact that Singapore Lead said websites refer to you in addition to your competitors. And if there is relevance and add value, this interest will probably be mutual. Google searches with keywords that are provide information about the general market situation . Ideally, there will be a handful of competitors whose backlink profile you can examine with professional and/or free tools. An orientation towards competitors offers a wider range and thus enables you to bring your own strategy close to the optimum.

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