O act on climate change. One way is to create. Communication campaigns capable of pushing towards green behaviors. No to guilt and yes to transparency and .Authenticity: here’s how to talk about sustainability in advertising  Tips for communicating sustainability successfully according to kantar
Published on 24 mar 2022
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The survival of the. Planet and its healthy development in the years to come will depend on how good we .Are at embracing sustainability in everyday life. The objectives defined by the 2030 agenda for sustainable development are bold and. Changing one’s habits is certainly not easy, but necessary, as the numbers say and personal empirical experience says so. The good news is that jus

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Already actively engaged with climate and social issues when it comes to their purchasing behaviour. This was revealed by the. Sustainability sector index by kantar, world leader in consumer insights for marketing and communication. The research, carried out on 35 markets, aims to map consumers’ sustainability attitudes and behaviors with respect to the united nations’ sustainable development goals, and highlights how younger europe email list consumers .(aged between 18 and 34) are more .Sensitive towards sustainability issues by actively making lifestyle changes in response to climate .Issues, such as avoiding products that use excessive amounts of water in their production, purchasing second-hand goods or becoming vegan/vegetarian. On the other hand, older consumers (aged 55 and over) show more difficulty in changing their existing lifestyle.
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From green marketing, help for companies to be sustainable
The study also reveals that 63% of consumers belie.Ve that businesses have a responsibility to act on climate change . A tool available to companies to actively contribute to achieving sustainability. Objectives is green marketing which, as the term itself suggests, pushes to decline the marketing levers from a “Green” perspective: packaging obtained from waste, products  DZB Dircetory  with a high percentage of recyclability, inspirational. Communication, are some of the results generated by. Green marketing experts.

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