So, let me take this moment to thank all emergency public safety personnel for your support this season. Unfortunately, during this typically joyous time, I came across an eye-opening article in the Denver Post. Sadly, seven government employees have die by suicide in the past 24 months, including a 911 employee. In light of this topic, my November blog, “Mental Health Awareness in Local Government”, highlights the growing level and impacts of stress on 911 personnel. “No recent national numbers regarding 911 operators’ suicides are available.

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To be left out of the conversation regarding Algeria Email Lists trauma and suicide among first responders. For example, when Colorado lawmakers passe a bill in 2017 allowing first responders to access workers’ compensation for PTSD, they did not include dispatchers in the language.” – Athena Butler, Executive Director of Denver 911. Denver’s 911 Director Butler has extensive experience in the 911 industry across the nation and after seeing her comments on this topic I began to reflect on our time together in Washington, D.C. at the Office of Unifie Communications (OUC), the District’s 911 Center. As the seat of the federal government.

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To gain more insight into how their FIRST, first responders are faring, Office of Unifie Communications (OUC)Director, Karima Holmes. She is responsible for both the non-emergency 311 and 911 emergency Singapore Lead operations in the nation’s capital. Introduction: Director Karima Holmes Photo of OUC Director Karima Holmes. In 2020 Director Holmes celebrates her four year anniversary in this role at the OUC. But don’t be mistaken, her 20-year experience in the industry casts a wide net. In other words, at one point in her notable career, she has held almost every position possible in the 911 communications field, including that of a call taker and dispatcher.

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