It is important that you also know that it is not good to BE OBSESS with the spe of a web page . There are people who don’t sleep at night thinking about. How to scratch a thousandth of a second in the loading of their website to achieve scores of 100 in Page Spe ​​Insights (Google’s measurement tool). Others brag on the Internet that their. Website has a score of 100/100 (on mobile and desktop) and their website is a blank sheet of paper with The best black text on top and as bland as a sawdust sandwich. Let’s now see what you really ne to take into account. Phases to design a website Index of contents How a slow loading spe affects a website.

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The 5 elements that most influence the spe of a WordPress website. Factors to measure to improve the loading spe of a website. Google Core Web Vitals 2 tools to measure the spe of a website 1. Google Page Spe ​​Insights 2. GTmetrix Plugins that will help you optimize the loading spe of your WordPress website 7 recommendations to improve the loading spe executive email list of a WordPress website #1. Choose a good hosting provider #2. Use a light and clean WordPress theme #3. Do not abuse plugins and check their quality #4. Install a caching plugin in WordPress #5. Optimize and compress images on your website #6. Clean WordPress Spam and Database #7. Use a CDN Conclusion How a slow loading spe affects a website In the intro I already told you two aspects that can be greatly affect by a slow loading spe.

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But there are more: It negatively affects web positioning. The algorithms of search engines like Google take into account the spe of your website to assign better or worse scores. If your website takes a while to load, Google will penalize you. It affects the mobile user The best experience (UX): mobile devices, although they are increasingly faster. Have less resources Singapore Lead and power than a computer that is connect via WiFi or directly to the wir network. Elements that a website must load, such as images or JavaScript, will take longer to display on a mobile. It affects the conversion rate: Amazon found that by simply rucing the loading time of its website by 0.1 seconds, its sales increas by 1%.

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