This latest WSI webinar was presented by Angelina Miller. Agency Development Manager at Google. She has worked at Google for 5 years PPC optimization and has Webinar Summary over 9 years of experience in digital marketing. Angelina has worked with Fortune 500 companies and is currently pursuing her second master’s degree in which she focuses on user experience design and human-computer interaction.


Today's environment

McKinsey and Company research conducted in May 2020 shows. Therefore, That decisions made now can have a significant impact at a later date. During executive data this webinar, we look to the future and show how you can use digital marketing and pay per click (PPC) to drive. The success of your business. 56% of consumers prefer to connect quickly and easily and then spend as little time as possible in the store.


Solutions PPC Optimization

Therefore, There are two core strategies that companies Singapore Lead can follow: The store-centric approach. This provides consumers with the information they need and is ideal for Webinar Summary dentistry, law firms. and retail businesses, etc., that require the consumer to live that experience in the physical location. The omnichannel approach. The omnichannel approach allows the consumer multiple points of contact with your business. For example, they can interact with a company on social networks. In addition, You Tube, etc., and it is ideal for all companies.

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