Before I start telling you what Feedly is, I want you to know the meaning of the word “feed”, since. what it is it is very important for you to fully understand the function of this tool. A “feed” or feed reader is a means that allows you to access any web content in an updated manner so that you have all the information available in one place. Once you know the meaning of a “feed”, let’s get down to business.

Advantages of using the Feedly

Therefore, It is a feed reader available for web or mobile devices that allows you to add the content of web pages. Or blogs in the same place so that you company data can access your frequent sources of information in a faster. More comfortable and easier way. In short, Feedly is a news aggregator where you include your favorite web pages and where you can organize them by folders or themes. Feedly is very easy to use. To be able to enjoy this platform you just have to. Register on it for free and then search for the news media that you want to start following.

What it is The main interface of the tool

You cannot configure how you want the news to be shown to you, since this. Therefore, configuration  depends on how the website has this Singapore Lead order established. In WordPress, for example, you can tell RSS readers to show the reader an excerpt of the news or to view the entire news. In my case I have it configured so that they go to my website. Since I am interested in them visiting my site. But we’ll talk about this later. Languages ​​and regions to search engines, but also to configure your website in such. A way that it appropriately sends the indications to the engines and reaches the countries that you want. you propose through the Internet. 

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