Now imagine what an extra second in loading time would mean for your own business… It affects recurring traffic: a quarter of users who visit a page from a computer Essential Addons do not return to a slow website and in the mobile version, the figure rises to more than 45%. The 5 elements that most influence the spe of a WordPress website Everything you include on your website, whatever it is, will have some influence on the loading spe , this is inevitable. However, there are some elements that influence it to a greater extent, some of which we cannot even control.

Our power to optimize

As they are external factors that are not in . The 5 elements that most influence loading spe are the following: The hosting. The topic. The plugins. The executive data weight of the content (especially embd images and videos). Calls to external scripts (Google Fonts, Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel…). Now, before starting to optimize the spe of our website , we must understand why it is important to do so and how to know the status of our website before making decisions. Let’s go with a little context… Factors to measure to improve the loading spe of a website: Google Core Web Vitals In mid-2021.

Moment on performance

Google announc that from that and spe on mobile phones would be one of the most important factors for positioning content in search results. To measure Singapore Lead the optimization of any website and UX, Google launch Essential Addons. A measurement system call Core Web Vitals . Core Web Vitals The 3 main measurement factors of Core Web Vitals are: First Input Delay (FID): measures the time it would take for the user to be able to carry out an action. It should be a maximum of 100 milliseconds. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): Measures the loading of the largest element at the top of the web and should be 2.5 seconds maximum.

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