Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): Measures movements in the placement of content on the screen. It must be less than or equal to 0.1. Now, how can we measure if our website meets these parameters? Keep reading… 2 tools to measure the spe of a website To measure. How to compress the spe and user experience of a website , there are several tools on the market that will offer you a detail view of the status of your website. I always use these two (although I have others in the broom): 1. Google Page Spe ​​Insights Google’s native tool that is the scourge of web designers, who perhaps become too obsess with their results.

Always wanting to achieve

Although it is important to follow Google’s recommendations in every way to comply with its best practices, it is not good to go to the extreme company data of a score of 100/100, since not all our effort should be focus on loading spe . , but also in the UX/UI. Page Spe ​​Insights has a problem compar to the next tool that I am going to show you, and that is that it does NOT allow you to choose the country from which it performs the analysis. On the contrary, it is the only one that gives you results for both mobile and desktop. In Page Spe ​​Insights , the ideal is to have a score between 85 and 95 on both mobile and desktop.

Have results for mobile

How to compress With this you can already hit yourself with a song in the teeth result page spe insights 2. GTmetrix Almost all web designers use GTmetrix to measure the performance of their work. It is a very complete tool, although, as I mention Singapore Lead above, it does not . GTmetrix bases its results on the requirements of the Core Web Vitals and, in addition, offers you a very powerful waterfall graph call Waterfall , in which you can see which elements of a website take the most time to load. This way, you can make decisions about specific elements, which is very cool. In GTmetrix , the ideal is that you achieve a grade A and do not drop below 90% in Performance and Structure.

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