Elementary OS Elementary OS Previously there was a Zorin OS distro which looked similar to Windows, while this Linux distro looks similar to Mac OS. If you want to experience the sensation of an elegant appearance like Mac OS, then you can try this Elementary OS Linux distro. Elementary OS is also friendly for new users because it uses Ubuntu as a base. As of the writing of this article, Elementary OS has reached version 5.1 Hera. 10. BlankOn BlankOn It wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include Linux distros made in Indonesia. BlankOn is one of the Linux distros created by the nation’s children . That you can try. BlankOn has also been included in the top 100 Linuxes in the world, so the quality of BlankOn cannot be underestimated. If you need Linux for computing activities .

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For education or offices, this BlankOn Linux distro could. Be an option can tryThe Linux operating system is also widely. Used by people who work in the IT field, including developers. Having an understanding of Linux can be an whatsapp number list added value for those of you who work in the IT field. Apart from that, equip yourself with the skills needed by the industry. There are lots of new things in Dicoding, you can learn for a cheap price or even free, check here . Also read other interesting articles on the Dicoding blog below, which will definitely broaden your horizons. 7 Resolutions to Improve Your Coding Skills in 2020 2 Main Steps to Create Cool Filters on Instagram Figma, tools that make UI Designers’ lives easier Of the 10 distros, is there anything interesting for you to try? Or have you ever tried.

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One of the 10 Linux distros? chose this Linux distro in the comments column, OK? 10 Types of Linux You Can Try – by Robby Takdirillah , Intern Junior Content Writer at DicodingIn the midst of the current rapid development of artificial , Fedora developers prioritize significant Singapore Lead updates when updating. 8. Parrot OS Parrot OS Just like the Kali Linux distro, the Parrot OS distro. Was also developed for the purposes of penetration, testing and intelligence (AI) technology. Not many people know that artificial intelligence consists of several branches, one of which is machine learning. Machine learning (ML) technology is a branch of AI that is really attracting attention.

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