And simple user interface , Linux Mint also has quite smooth transition effects .apart from because of Arch Linux on which it is based. Manjaro also has conveniences such as simple use, simple, elegant and still powerful . The interesting thing about the Manjaro Linux distro is that The Linux Mint distro has various desktop environment variants including Cinnamon, MATE, XFCE, KDE plus there is a Debian-based Linux Mint variant. For daily use, Linux Mint is very comfortable to use, the applications . That can be used are quite abundant thanks to its Ubuntu base. 4. Kali Linux  Many Kali Linux communities also create tools or applications that you can use when carrying out penetration or security testing .

That you can try is openSUSE

You want to try Linux with a Windows flavor, you can try using the Zorin OS Linux distro. Zorin OS was developed from an Ubuntu base by prioritizing. An interface similar to Windows. This is suitable for you, if you are just starting to use Linux, because whatsapp database when migrating fromfamiliar with its appearance.  openSUSE openSUSE The next Linux distro . openSUSE could be your choice as a system administrator , developer or desktop user. openSUSE is divided into two distribution variants, namely Tumbleweed and Leap. If you want to always get updates then the openSUSE Tumbleweed variant is the choice. Meanwhile, if you want to get updates within a certain period, you can choose openSUSE Leap. 7. Fedora Fedora Fedora was first released on November 6 2003 until this article was written.

Things that aren’t that important

Whatsapp Number List

Luckily, he was able to start a new career at CV Sejahtera Kedaton, Bandar Lampung, as IT Support since May 2020. This company operates in the service sector, specifically the laundry, boarding house and canteen business in the city center. There are a total of 10 employees including himself involved in this family company. The market niche in this Singapore Lead field is quite promising. However, of course, during this pandemic, business enthusiasm decreased sharply. Turnover fell by more than half. The number of customers has plummeted since the implementation of local Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB). However, Ardo believes there are still opportunities in this era. He observed that the businesses that are still surviving are those that can reach consumers online.

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