Of course you will identify which films are similar. In this case, for example, you identify based on the film genre. For example, if you have the film The Conjuring, then you will save the film The Conjuring in the horror film category. How Machine Learning Works Machine Learning vs HumanDeep . Blue has also been tested by playing chess against a professional chess champion and Deep Blue managed to win the chess match. The role of machine learning helps humans in various fields. Even now, you can easily find the application of ML in everyday life. For example, when you use the face unlock feature to unlock your .

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How machine learning actually works varies according to what technique or learning method you use in ML . However, basically the principles of how machine learning works are still the same, including data collection, data exploration, selecting a model or technique, providing training to the selected model and evaluating the results of ML . To understand how ws database ML works , let’s review how some of its applications work below. AlphaGo AlphaGo is machine learning developed by Google. When AlphaGO was first developed, it would be trained by providing 100 thousand Go match data for it to learn. After AlphaGo has the provisions and knowledge of how and strategies to play the Go game from studying 100 thousand

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Go match data. time he loses he will improve the way he plays and this playing process will be repeated millions of times. Improvements to how to play AlphaGo were made by himself based on his experience when he played against himself or against other people. AlphaGo can also simulate several matches at one time simultaneously. This means that at one Singapore Lead time he can play several Go games at once to learn. So the learning process and experience of playing Go can also be greater than that of humans. This was proven when AlphaGo played with the world Go champion in 2016 and he could be the winner. From the application of machine learning in AlphaGo, we can understand that machine learning will continue to learn as long as it is used. Just like Facebook’s face detection

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