Those customers who buy from your online store often and with larger than average amounts are naturally more valuable to you in terms of lifetime value than one-time buyers who order with small amounts. In terms of the success of an online store. It is important to get customers who have already bought to commit and return to your store. One of the most essential channels for engaging customers is email marketing.

Benefits to be gain when rfm analysis

Prictability is one of the main benefits to be gain when rfm analysis is us to support marketing and business. Rfm analysis enables a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior manage your marketing holistically instead of business database  spending hours aggregating data and preparing presentations. Focus on analyzing rfm segments. With automation. You can identify valuable relevant information to optimize strategies and increase customer lifetime value.

Will the payment go smoothly

Modern marketing and sales tools that provide an easy way to get into rfm strategy-driven marketing at a practical Singapore Lead level. With the right technology. You can take advantage of prictive models bas on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Which provide you with the necessary information to reactivate your marketing. How valuable information do you think it is to know the probability bas on the data to purchase decisions in the next months or year? To the passivation of the risk in the following months or weeks and an estimate of the development of the customer lifetime estimate in the future? How do you get start and what do you ne to do next

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