Whether to identify groups of leads or customers, enable campaigns across different communication channels or automate repetitive actions, Marketing Automation makes it possible to put into practice an entire Digital Marketing strategy with much more assertiveness and scalability, because it is what: Allows you to schule the publication of content on a blog or social networks.

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 Qualifies lead generation and their nurturing; Sends email marketing and messages on WhatsApp, both one-off shots and those project within a communication flow; Simplifies the creation of landing special data pages, forms and pop-ups; Responds to messages (through chatbots ); Recognizes sales opportunities; Integrates with other systems, such as sales CRM , BI, etc.

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Display ads at the best time to sell, and so on. Tip: Leads: what are they, how to generate and nurture them? How does Marketing Automation work? Marketing Automation serves an even more relevant purpose when it comes to deepening the customer’s relationship with the brand . Imagine that you install a dating app on your cell phone, fill out your profile making it clear that you are looking for a serious relationship , and arrang to go out with someone you recently met. unexpect proposal can generate discomfort The big moment has arriv, you introduc yourselves, the dinner is pleasant and Singapore Lead you even thought: “How lucky for me, finally a meeting that seems to have a future!.

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