When the entirety of the measurement has been implement in accordance with the mrace® model . The purchase process must be taken into account holistically. When we set goals. It is good to clarify the perspective of business. Sales and marketing as well as digital channels. When planning the instrument cluster. It is always good to start with a measurement strategy that guarantees that everything essential is taken into account in the measurement.

Noting that the dashboard produces

It is also worth noting that the dashboard produces information to support the development of online shopping for example. To improve the user experience and optimize digital marketing business email list campaigns. The mrace® model sets a solid footing for online shopping metrics so what kind of metrics should you set for an online store? Next. Lets look at examples of what metrics an online store can set for different stages of the mrace® model.

Phase metrics visitor traffic and its development

Examples of reach phase metrics visitor traffic and its development by channel (e.g. Visitors and sessions) advertising reach the most important keyword rankings Singapore Lead organically (and for example compar to key competitors) traffic volumes organically for brand terms versus generic terms act – provide a diamond visitor experience. Guide with content and turn the visitor into a buyer the purpose of the act phase is to convert the visitor into a lead.

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