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For Stoner (1996, pp. 376-410), the difference between effective and ineffective communication may be due to the way in which the parties involv handle aspects relat to differences in perception, given that people perceive phenomena bas on of their knowlge and experiences. On the other hand, emotional reactions such as anger, hate, love and fear, among others, influence the way things are understood. Tips to follow to achieve effective communication: Listen with empathy This is a very obvious point, but one that we do not usually address.

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 Listening does not mean letting the other person speak without interrupting them, waiting for them to finish to tell them where they are wrong or that we disagree. Listening is really putting myself business lead in the other person’s shoes. Understand what you feel and why you feel it. It doesn’t matter if I think he’s right or wrong. That is not the point, it is not about there being a winner, but about resolving the conflict, for which we ne to truly understand what is happening to the other person .

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Even if we don’t agree, if the other person feels that way, that’s their truth. Let’s listen to it. Solve the present problem Let’s not talk about twenty past examples that resemble the  Singapore Lead present problem. We will not be able to solve all of them and we will only make the anger increase. Let’s try to focus on what is happening in the present moment and talk only about that. let’s not judge Let’s not use qualifiers like “you’re wrong,” “you’re always wrong,” “you’re very angry,” etc.

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