Gifts Live on TikTok . Tiking on TikTok This feature allows your viewers to send you tips in the form of money directly through your TikTok profile. This type of payment can be made with tools such as Stripe and 100% of the tip amount is yours, except Stripe’s commission. In this case, the requirements are: Join the Creator Next program . You must reside in the Unit States (for now it is only available in that location). Have at least 100,000 followers . Tips on TikTok . TikTok Rewards This function is enabl for all accounts (as long as you are over 18 years old and comply with the TikTok regulations) and consists of inviting new users to join the social network.

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Regular video watching tasks that can be Comoros Email List access from the activity page to earn more rewards. These rewards can be exchang for money, coupons or mobile recharges . TikTok Rewards . Membership Some brands work this type of collaboration in which they provide you with a unique code or link so that, through the sales made with that code or link, you get a percentage . It is important that, if you work on affiliation, in addition to doing it with brands that are good and share your values, you study well the percentage of affiliation that they provide you and the conditions.

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That this brand has a link from which you can check the results you are getting .  you have taken have work, to find out if they are being effective or if you have to change tactics, and you will not depend on what the brand says. Collaborations with other brands If you have an account with good engagement and a community, you can use it to collaborate with other brands that Singapore Lead are similar to you and that have to do with the topic you cover in your content . These brands pay you to promote a product or service on your TikTok account. I recommend that if you are going to use this form of monetization, you not only look at the money, but also at the values ​​of the brand and that it is a good product or service.

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