Since you could lose all your cribility if you do not choose well. . And I also recommend that you have a mia kit prepar with some of the results that you have achiev with other brands or with your statistics so that the brand can assess your work and what you can help it achieve. Sell ​​your products, services or infoproducts One of the best ways to earn money thanks to social networks is by offering your products, services or infoproducts. If you are a professional who offers services, has a paid infoproduct or has a store and sells products.

You should be working on your

TikTok account (and any other social network) to increase sales of these. And that is done through a good content strategy on TikTok , which allows you to create content to attract your potential customers, who know and Costa Rica Email List value your brand and, finally, buy from you. Video: How to make money on TikTok? Which earning option is best for my TikTok account? Here it depends on your objectives, but I will give you my opinion. If you have a business or are self-employ , the ideal is to focus on selling your own products or services, since that is what will give you the most benefit.

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You can also consider collaborating

With other brands that are similar to what you do or offer. For example, tools that you use to facilitate your work or complementary products to those that you offer, which can give a better result. If you are a content Singapore Lead  creator or influencer , you can work on the different options that TikTok gives you and complement them with affiliation or collaborations with brands. Of course, it is best that you focus on something specific, because it does not make much sense that today you are advertising, for example, a clothing brand and tomorrow a household cleaning brand. There may be people who are interest in it, but it is best that you focus on one sector to create a community that is more interest in it and that your results are higher. And yes who do it.

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