But I do not recommend it even if you have a large community. conclusions As you can see, there are several interesting options to monetize your TikTok account, although for some you ne to meet certain requirements and for others you don’t. That is why it is important that you know them all and that you select the ones that best suit your goals on TikTok and what you want to earn. To perform all the functions that an expert in social networks does, be it Social Mia Manager, Community Manager or content creator, there are many tools that spe up the work.

What are the best tools for a  manager

In this post I share 31 that will help you manage China Email List your social networks and those of your clients well CLICK TO TWEET For this reason, I have creat a post to compile my favorite tools, so that you can try them and choose your own tools to manage your social networks well. And to make it easier for you if you are looking for a tool for a specific task, I have group them by type of task. You may also be interest in: Community Manager’s Guide for Beginners How to create a social mia plan Social Mia Manager: what does it do and when do you ne one? Post Index [ show ] Tools to analyze social networks.

Country Email List

These tools will help you analyze

Both the results you are  as well as the results of your competitors or your references. Of course, they do not work with personal or private accounts. metricool Metricool is one of my favorite tools because Singapore Lead  they keep adding more features to make it even more complete. In this case, I’m talking about the analytical part. With this tool you can connect your social networks and that of your clients to have a dashboard in which to consult all the results that you have obtain in the period that you set and all in a very visual way. In addition, it allows you to export all that information to a PDF or PPT to be able to create the monthly results report. I share with you the video of a tutorial of this tool where.

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