To fulfill its role, the person must be the result of research, analysis and construction and follow the steps: Collect data; Do the interview; Analyze the data; Structure the person; Create a strategy according to that person. How to create campaigns and strategies for the person? Once you’ve learn more about people and what they can do for your business, it’s time to get your hands dirty. You must take into account the person creat from the moment of planning until the creation itself. From the definition of objectives, goals and KPIs, the person must be consider.

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According to the persona creat, think about the design of the website. The strategy us in social networks, creating both organic and paid campaigns. Put yourself in the shoes of your client, get to know the creat Uruguay Email List person in depth and learn to give the best possible service to impact them positively. How to use the person in the Inbound Marketing strategy? In Inbound Marketing there are three types of niches to consider: top of the funnel, mid-funnel, and bottom of the funnel. In each of these steps, it is necessary to think of different strategies for each person: funnel top Publications in blogs, infographics, newsletters, social networks.

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Middle of the funnel More blog posts

Email marketing, ebooks, webinars. sales webinars, product reviews, conversation with a consultant. For each stage, it is necessary to think about specific content that. In addition to providing information to the person, will satisfy them and they will not hesitate to hire your services. Also, it is a great SEO strategy to put specific person defin keywords to boost your Singapore Lead page in Google. Did you know the importance of the person? What did you think of this article? Leave your comment telling us your opinion! MadeinWeb specializes in creating personas and we help you throughout the process of collecting, analyzing and creating strategies.

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