The tone and voice of a brand is one of the most important points of communication with the customer. For this, it is necessary to know the audience in depth so that the production of content is accurate and generates income. Thus, you can also define the communication channels, knowing which network to focus your efforts on. Optimize the user experience on the website: The UX (User Experience) is extremely important so that the potential client not only knows about your website, but wants to stay on it and absorb the content.

With a persona you can analyze

The user’s digital behavior and make sure that the entire buying journey is enjoyable for them. How to create a person? team-creator-person To create a person, it is necessary to follow some steps, such as conducting Ukraine Email List interviews and, where appropriate, using an already creat base. First, you ne to conduct an interview with customers. If possible, use your existing base of people who buy from your brand. For this step, you ne: Choose active people on your social networks and blog; Analyze the profile of these people, as well as their digital behaviour; Pick a few clients from your existing base and schule interviews by phone or email.

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Whichever best suits your proposition

For the questions, it is necessary to create a script where questions relat to the data of each one must be includ so that the person is suitable for your business. The conversation should be fluid and Singapore Lead not consist solely of questions. up other topics. After you’ve done the interviews, it’s time to cross-reference and compare information to create your persona. It is a process and must be done step by step to be successful in reaching potential customers. It is not possible to describe someone bas on guesswork. The only way to know your customers is to talk to them and really get to know them. To create the ideal persona, you ne to know what your real customers think about your company.

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