Autolists , where you can create content lists that are publish one after the other on one or more social networks. We will see this in the next point. If you want to schule or publish content, you must select Calendar and click on the Create new publication button. There you can select the social network where you want to publish, among those you have connect, the date and time you want it to be publish or if you prefer it to be publish now, you can write the text you want and add images, videos, gifs, stock image or emoticons.

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In global settings to create that publication as Cayman Islands Email List a draft (in case it has not been approv yet or you want to make some changes) and use the Metricool URL shortener. Depending on the social network you select, you such as the hashtag or the location icon. In addition, a section also appears at the end of the Configuration of that social network, where you can add labels, in the case of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram; select title, board and link, in the case of Pinterest; or select the title and privacy settings in the case of YouTube.

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Is that if you select multiple social networks, you’ll so to speak, and then add its for each social network. You will see that when you select several social networks, the it by social network button appears Singapore Lead and if you click, tabs with the name of each social network will appear. That is where you can introduce the modifications you want for each social network. Before saving to schule or post, you can see a preview of how your post will look from the View Preview button in the top right corner. And once you have it programm, you can click on it to modify, duplicate or delete it.

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