If you do not have location activat on your devices, it is difficult for them to guess your location, but you can see data such as the browser from which it was access and the operating system. If there is a session open from a device you don’t use or a place you don’t usually connect from, delete it. Revoke permissions for apps you don’t use In the Data privacy  Allow services section you can see the applications that have permissions to access your LinkIn profile. If there are apps you no longer use or don’t want them to have access to, delete them.

Activate two-step verification

Go to the Login and security  Two-step verification Cape Verde Email List tab and enter your phone number to activate this security option. When you activate it, a numerical code will be sent to your phone, so keep it nearby to enter it. You can also use the option to do it through an authenticator application instead of through a message to your mobile. How to protect my YouTube channel In this case, you not only protect your YouTube channel, but your entire Google account. Therefore, you must access your Google account and click on Manage your Google account. There you must click on Security.

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Change your password regularly

In the Google Login Password section you can change your password and it will tell you when it was last modifi. Turn on two-step verification. To do this, you must activate it in the Sign in to Google Singapore Lead Two-Step Verification section .  on your mobile with a code to verify that it is you who is trying to log in. You can also choose App passwords and select the app you want to use. Check your devices. In Your Devices , you can review where you’re sign in to remove devices you no longer use or recognize. Review your recent activity. Under Recent Security Activity, you’ll be able to see the latest logins from the last 28 days. If you see something you don’t recognize, change your password.

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