The most consistent feedback we’ve received is that we need. More time to evaluate and test new privacy. Sandbox technologies before retiring third-party cookies in chrome,” anthony chavez, vp of privacy sandbox, wrote in a blog post on the google blog , in which it announced the new timeline. “this deliberate approach to. Transitioning away from third-party cookies ensures that the web can continue to thrive.”
Obviously, this is not .A decision by google alone: ​​”Data deprecation”, I.E. The process to limit the use of user data.. For advertising purposes by advertisers .Of ad platforms and other monetization tools, is bigger than the only. Google actions and it has 

Already been happening for some time

Safari, firefox and other. Browsers have already phased out third-party cookies .And launched alternative privacy features. The new country email list  privacy .Law proposals continue to evolve, with the guarantor’s recent provisions also linked. To the transfer of data between .The eu and the usa.
Hw the sector reacted
It is now clear that companies must adapt to the trend and move with a view to finding increasingly transparent, compliant and protective 

Solutions for the users of their digital properties

This extra time granted by the tech giants. Will have to serve precisely this purpose: “ we hope that this postponement will serve to make companies .And operators reflect and that it will further stimulate the search for alternative systems to tracking via cookies. We believe that exploring alternatives now, carrying out actions in parallel to traditional cookie-based solutions, is the best strategy to kick  DZB Dircetory off a smooth and .Trauma-free transition ” declared thierry bingaman of webroom.
Filippo trocar, cido of matrix, also recently spoke about cookie less web and the next advertising era , stressing the importance of making the most of first-party data: ” the choices of the web giants are now moving towards cookie less, ergo advertising based on user data it is undoubtedly the most affected channel. It becomes a truly categorical imperative for companies to analyze user behavior in house and leverage first-party data

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