Degree of recognition of a certain company, product or service by. The consumer. Creating brand awareness is a key step in promotion, highlighting the value proposition, I.E. The qualities that distinguish. The brand from the competition, but also speaking to the right target, with the right tone of voice at .The most appropriate time
Published on 12 july 2022
The brand is a fundamental asset for the company. Because it is the lever that acts on the human mind : for this reason brand management remains fundamental in the activities of cmos (chief marketing officers), even today when technology and martech occupy more and more space in. The marketing. Today, however, it is no longer just a matter of 

Exploiting mass channels and 

Weaving good pr: in the era of full-digital and omnichannel, brand awareness is no longer “Relegated” to tv commercials asia email list  and traditional .Campaigns of communication, but becomes one with the web, social media, influencer marketing and search engines.
Index of topics
Brand awareness, what is it
Why brand awareness is important
Brand awareness: how it is measured
The steps to build brand. Awareness
Events, gadgets and accessories
Making brand .Awareness in 2022: stand out, know and plan

Brand awareness what is it

What is the meaning of the term brand awareness? Literally awareness means awareness, therefore knowledge o.F the brand, but the translations are different. It is generally translated into ” brand attractiveness” or awareness of the. Brand or brand , and indicates the level of consumer. Satisfaction towards a brand. This is a complex value to illustrate, as it is the. Result of various factors , which allow that brand DZB Dircetory to be fixed in the mind of a consumer , so as to transform it into the first logical option when purchasing a product or service. In practice, the higher the brand awareness , the more it can increase the profitability of a. Company, this is because a greater number of loyal. Customers always corresponds to a larger turnover. 

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