Change your password regularly To do this, click on the section Your account / Change your password . Turn on login verification In this case, we will go to the Security and account access / Security / Two-factor authentication section . From here you can choose if you prefer a text message to your mobile, use an authentication app or prefer to use a security key. In addition, some backup codes appear that you can use in the event that you do not have your mobile at hand to see the message or that it does not reach you. Activate additional password protection If you activate this option.

When you want to reset

Your password it will ask you personal Cameroon Email List questions that only you should know, to prevent other people from resetting it for you. How to protect my Instagram As every Instagram user knows, in the computer version you can perform very limit actions on this social network, so we are going to use the mobile application and go to Settings / Security . Change your password regularly To do this, click on Password and change your password according to Instagram specifications (more than six characters with a combination of numbers, letters and special characters). You will also be able to see when was the last time you chang it. Review logins. From Login Activity you can see the locations and devices that have access your Instagram account.

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If you see something unknown

You can hit the three dots and exit that session. If this happens to you. Revoke permissions for apps you don’t use Click on the Applications and websites option. There you can check the applications that have Singapore Lead access to your Instagram profile. Remove access to all tools you no longer use. Activate two-step authentication Click on Two-Step Authentication . You will simply have to press to activate it and enter the code that Instagram sends to your mobile. It also gives you the option of using an authenticator app. And if you access other methods you can activate login requests or capture recovery codes (for when the message does not arrive). Check if Instagram has sent you an email.

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