Activate the option to receive alerts about unrecogniz logins Select Set up additional security/Get alerts about unrecogniz logins . This will cause an email or notification to be sent to you whenever. Someone tries to log in from a different device than usual or from a different location. If you receive an alert and it wasn’t you, change your password as soon as possible as a precaution. Activate two-step authentication To do this, look for the option Configure additional security / Use two-step authentication and choose between the different ways to do it, as you can see in the image.

My favorite is the mobile phone

Since when you want to access your profile from a new device it. Will ask you for a confirmation code that will be sent to your mobile. But be careful. If your mobile is lost or stolen, your password could be Cambodia Email List chang. If that happens to you, as soon as possible. Facebook communication history You can also check the latest emails that Facebook has sent you and their content from the View recent emails from Facebook option . This is very useful to prevent phishing. If you receive a suspicious email about Facebook, before clicking on the attach URL you can check its veracity in this section.

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If it doesn’t appear there

Facebook didn’t send it to you. Configure the access of your applications In this case, we will go to the option Settings / Applications and websites . There you can see all the applications that use your Singapore Lead Facebook session. If you don’t use them often or you don’t want them to have access, remove them from the list by clicking on the Remove option (it will appear when you hover the cursor over the name of the application). How to protect my Twitter To access the settings, we will click on our profile image, which appears in the top bar of Twitter, and we will select the Configuration and Support Configuration and Privacy option .

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