Here what they do is ask you for information about your bank details to subscribe to a membership or similar, or directly try to charge you to that bank account that you provide. Whenever you are the winner of a raffle in which you have not participat, be suspicious. And participate only in those raffles of brands that are known. Don’t add anyone There are many profiles on social networks that are manag by bots, so they invite many users to follow in a short time. They usually use photos of attractive people and suctive messages. It is best that you do some research on the profile before adding it to your friends. If you recently had it done and it has little shar content or the shar content is in a language other than yours, be suspicious.

This also goes for all those

Facebook pages that appear talking about raffles or promotions from well-known companies or brands. Do not trust, if any of these companies carri out this action, they would do it from their official Facebook Cabo Verde Email List page. Protect your personal data Be careful what you post on social networks, any data could give clues such as where you have your bank accounts, what places you usually go or when your house is uninhabit. A long time ago I saw a video that scar me and made me aware of this issue. In this video that I share with you, a fortune teller extracts private data in an amazingly easy way.

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Security in my Social Networks How to protect my Facebook Most of the configurations that I am going to tell you are in the same section. You can access them from your Facebook, by clicking on the arrow that appears in the top bar and clicking on Settings/Security and Login . Change your password regularly To do this, select the Change Password option , within Singapore Lead the Login section. Check the list of devices and locations from which you have had access You can see it in the Where are you logg in section . If an old one appears, delete it. For example,Christmas, therefore I will no longer access it from my old phone, so I delet this device. You can also check in Authoriz logins which devices you have sav and that can access without the ne for a login code in your account.

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