Membership for Instagram creators This function is currently not available for Spain, but only in the US. Instagram Creator Affiliates earn a commission when users buy products you recommend in your store or in fe or story posts. If you have a store, you can create an affiliate program in Commerce Manager so that creators can be your affiliates and help you sell more. Info: Membership information for creators . subscriptions This function is currently not available in Spain, but it is available in other countries. With this functionality.

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Instagram account through a paid monthly El-Salvador Email List subscription in exchange for access to certain digital functions or content. In this way, if you have a grateful community, they will be able to support you through a small monthly payment that is automatically renew on a monthly basis. Info: What is a subscription on Instagram? Collaborate with other brands If you have an account with good engagement and have been concern with creating a community, you can use it to collaborate with brands so that they pay you for promoting a product or service on your Instagram.

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Yes to any brand simply for money, but choose brands that have to do with your values ​​and with what you are transmitting to your community, because if not, your cribility will go down in the first collaboration you do . In addition, well what you are going to do and what you are not going to do with the brand with which you collaborate so that later there are no Singapore Lead surprises. And, of course, the price of your service. Work affiliation with other brands Just as you can do collaborations with other brands, you can also work on affiliation. What difference there are? Well, in a collaboration they pay you what is agre for your service, while in the affiliation you get a percentage, also previously agre, of the sales that are made through your code or your link.

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