You can write how your beak has grown – of course always under the stipulations of respectful cooperation. But even on the company website there is no reason to resort to rigid sentence constructions and hollow marketing phrases. Tips for a lively language: verbs instead of nouns Active instead of passive Short sentences (also ellipsis – not every sentence nes subject-pricate-object) Interspers questions slang Dialectally color terms More about this in my blog . Not only will your customers enjoy reading your texts more, they will also learn something.

About your way of speaking

As a sole trader in the service sector, you should already use the word “I” on the home page. Do you sell a product or have employees? Then it is enough if you do that on the About Us page or About Me Lebanon Phone Number List page. Here you have the opportunity to appear as a person. You don’t have to write the entire text in the first person if the we is more important – but it should come out at one point or another. 5. Tell something about yourself The best place to tell us about yourself is on the about page. It’s not just about hard facts, such as the history of the company’s founding.

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Something personal is also welcome here

What is your motivation, what makes you tick? (Think of the difference between entrepreneurial self and private self.) 6. Show yourself instead of just claiming Are you reliable, competent and good at advising? An authentic website means that you don’t just claim it with words, but show it. Show your day-to-day business using photos and/or videos. Don’t forget to appear in it Singapore Lead yourself. A pro tip is anecdotes that you can tell about yourself and your company. Authenticity inspires sympathy Don’t underestimate the power of sympathy. The customer chooses you because he believes in your competence, but possibly also because he likes you. And you only gain sympathy if you show yourself as a person.

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